Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Tips to find a best wedding venue in Essex, UK.

If you are looking for some instructions for hiring a best venue for celebrating your superior day, the following tips can help you to find your desired wedding venue in Essex or everywhere.

1)    What is the cost of a best wedding venue?
Of course, one of the first things you want to know is what you will be charged for the venue. You will need to know if tables, chairs, and linens are included. What about a stage for the band? Make sure and ask about any other fees you might be charged. Some venues will charge for the power (yes they charge for electricity) for the band, so please make sure you don’t have any big surprises after you’ve signed the contract.
2)    Will my group fit in this space?
Don’t just ask if your size group will fit. Ask to see photos or a floor plan of a similar size party in the space. Make sure that there is room for your band and stage, catering tables, photo booths, or other special items you may need space for.

3)   How much time will be allowed for set up?
Every venue has different time constraints so make sure to ask when you’re booking the venue. If you have big plans with lots of set-up and d├ęcor, make sure the venue will include enough time to get everything done. You may need to add extra time to your contract to take care of these.

4)   Is there a Plan B if booking an outdoor venue?
We have lots of beautiful weather here in Texas, but infrequently it can turn ugly. If you are having an outdoor reception, make sure you have a backup plan in case of bad weather. Is there an indoor space you can use? Is there an extra charge if you have to move indoors? Make sure that if the worst-case scenario happens you will be okay with your Plan B.

5)  Will the colors in the venue work with your reception vision?
If you have a beautiful plan with a specific color palette, make sure that it won’t conflict with the colors in your wedding venue. Lighting can change the wall colors in a venue and add lots of drama, but will also cost some money. It is much easier to work in a venue that flows with your vision and palette than to try to change it.
6)   Ask if they are providing photography services
If yes then you should take an overview of their photographers. A wedding photographer knows how to play with the lighting in the photos, right angles of photo capturing and creativity. If they have such abilities then your wedding will be perfect.
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